EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Dan Broughton, Andrew Hayden – Bonus Video of Andrew’s Photo Set – Blond, Ripped Str8 Pup Andrew gets his 1st Manhandling

Andrew was last hear during our summer heat wave, though judging at what happens in this shoot it’s just as hot in December! A little more than a hint out of his comfort zone, Andrew lets Dan give him a massage, though he admits he enjoys the back and leg attention, but becomes a little less keen when Dan starts massages Andrew’s rather nice uncut cock, looking all soft, though Dan’s talents are soon shining through as he pumps up Andrew’s cock into a hefty erection! Not content with that Dan licks Andrew’s cock and is gobling down on the whole thing. Andrew thinks about objecting, though it looks like good head! Judging by the amount and intensity of Andrew’s cum shot he enjoyed it, just a little bit! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Sam Johnson, Tyler Hirst – Straight Royal Marine Tyler Pumps Straight Lad Sam’s Willing Hole

Straight lad Sam has been looking forward to being fucked by a muscular lad and today his dreams come through. You can spot the way he looks at Tyler that he is admiring his body and judging by the head he gives Tyler he is more than willing to service this former royal marine in exchange for a good fucking! Sam does a great job at blowing Tyler and he returns the favour by lubing up Sam’s hole and slamming in his cock. Tyler is feeling real energetic today and he gives Sam’s hole a right good seeing to and when sitting down on Tyler he gets a real energetic fucking. All this action and Sam is getting it in spoons, just look at how his cum flys! Two straight lads knowing how to pleasure each other! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Joel Shaw – Straight Pup Joel Becomes a Man – He Shoots a Massive Load of Cum From That Uncut Rocket!

A couple of years have gone by and Joel has grown into a young man from his very boyish looks when he was 18. Today he shows off his body which has a great tan since he has spent the summer abroad working. He is as relaxed as usual, slightly mischievous and as always real horny. So nothing has changed with him, except he looks a couple of years older! He shows off his cock, which now looks slightly thicker, was always nice and long and today he lets us see lots of hole. He moves around and treats us to that slightly hairy hole in a bunch of great positions before he lies back and does a trademark Joel; he blows a real big load over himself. This horny young straight pup hasn’t changed! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Dean Jones – Straight Welsh Lad Dean Can’t Wait to Show Off His Ab Slapping Erection!

Dean is a young lad from Wales who comes across as slightly abrasive at the start, as you get to know him a little and as some clothes come off he relaxes a lot and as more clothes come off you can enjoy his toned body and sprinkling of hair and as he pulls those boxers down you can enjoy a large bush. As his bush fluffs out his cock flops out and it’s just a few seconds til his uncut meat rises up and stands proud. Dean is one of these models who doesn’t just get erect, his uncut cock throbs and stands real proud right up against his abs! He is nicely hairy, his body just a sprinkling and his legs real hairy, his hole surrounded by curly locks! After lots of wanking and showing off his hole, Dean is real tense, his legs taught and then he explodes, his cum covering his abs, chest and all over the bed. Don’t you love a straight lad explosion! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Sam James – Bonus Video of Sam’s Photo Shoot – Lean Footballer Shows off his Hard Uncut Cock!

Sam is a tall and lean young man who discovered a mate of his modelled for my website a few years ago and he thought he would try it out! His mate doesn’t yet know his footsteps have been followed and Sam jumped in with real enthusiasm; his clothes come off and reveal a near hair free smooth body and a nice long uncut cock, seem soft for seconds and it rises up to one of those rock hard rocket cocks! He is enjoying himself, he shows off his almost hair free hole superbly, hole wide open; lies back, kicks his legs up and sucks the end of his cock! Now here is a lad with a misspent youth, spending far to much time sucking his own cock! Sam enjoys showing off on camera and ends up squirting lots of cum all over his body. Straight boys do love showing off for men! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Cameron Donald, Ricky Hampton – Straight Cheeky Hung Stud Ricky Gets 1st Man Wank & Explodes Big!

Ricky is becoming increasingly naughty on camera, he is bounding full of energy and confidence, but he didn’t want to do anything other than a solo. Luckily he changed his mind and so he lets Cameron massage him, who pays special attention to Ricky’s hole! The lads are great together, Ricky having his boundaries pushed and just look at how hard his big uncut cock is as Cameron wanks and shows us Ricky’s hole! After lots of teasing and wanking Cameron speeds up and before you know it Ricky is shoots lots of cum all over the place! Don’t you love straight lads who blow such large loads the first time a guy touched their cock! Click here to see the shoot

EnglishLads.com Video Shoot – Mike Wade – Bonus Video of Mike’s Photo Shoot – Young & Hairy Straight Lad Shows off his Very Hard Uncut Cock!

Mike is a young man full of confidence and liking the idea of taking his clothes off and showing off his lean and muscular body. He is quite the hairy lad and has one of those cocks, that just the idea of being on camera sees it shoot up erect and before his boxers come off you can see his impressive bulge! In fact we don’t get to see him soft as he has one real boner of an erection it just doesn’t go down and when he shows off his very hairy hole his cock gets even harder! A fun young straight lad who really enjoyed showing off and finishes with a lovely mess all over his hairy abs! Click here to see the shoot